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New Acrylic Plaque Question




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    Matt S

    Hey everyone. Acrylic products support both transparent .PNG files and the printing of both black and white. Just make sure your files are correctly uploaded with transparency and it should work well. 

    To answer the other questions in this thread, yes it's possible to use photos on the design as well, and the LED base can light up white as well as a bunch of different products. 

    If you have any doubts at all, be sure to order a sample first. You'll be able to see first hand what your customer will receive and experiment with how your artwork looks.

  • Su may

    Just to piggyback on this, so that someone will respond sooner, if there more questions on this:

    1. When I did the mockups from the renders, the black text can't be seen in the night scene. Are we meant to use white text instead?

    2. And can we use photos?

    Cheers and thanks Shineon crew,


  • Carol Watson

    Yvonne, we need some clue on how they work asap. I sell these with a different supplier but they are smaller. With my current ones, you cannot use White in the design at all because it doesn't show up with UVP printing. You have to add 1% Cyan to the white to make it show. I need to know if this is the same. I have some designs ready but I am scared to list them because we have no idea what the specs are. I want to use designs with White text, but will it print? Hopefully, someone will post and let us know.


  • Carol Watson

    Thanks, Matt,

    sorry I have one more question. I have searched the files and cannot find a template that shows the white light. Is there one? Does the light have White? Or only the Red, Blue, Green, and Purple?

    I have customers asking because I have no photo of the white light. I do not even know if it shines white. Some customers prefer just plain white light.

    Does a white Light template exist?

    Can you point me and the other sellers in the right direction?

    Thanks so much,


  • Matt S

    Hey Carol. Yes the LED Strip in the square acrylic product does light up white. We do not currently have any images which show this color but I will pass along that feedback. 

    In the mean time, you could consider ordering a sample and shooting some of your own videos and pictures. This could also be helpful for social-media style content for your marketing efforts, as well. 

  • Carol Watson

    Thanks, Matt,

    I sure wish I ould order samples but I am in Mexico.

    Not easy getting anything shipped here or I would order samples.

    I appreciate you answering my question and hopefully, we can get a white light template soon.




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